Yesterday Gigi Leung did a radio interview and towards the rumors of Ekin Cheng and Yoyo Mung ready for marriage, Gigi is happy for her old lover: "I am happiest that he's getting married! (The happiest?) There is a problem with being happy for someone?" Asked if she follows Ekin on Weibo? Gigi said: " I am not answering you, you can see it for yourself. (Have any private messages?) I follow him personally more than on Weibo. "When Gigi gets married in the future, will she invite Ekin to her wedding? Gigi said: " When the future comes, then I'll think about it. I hope he will quickly have a baby soon, his babies should be very cute."

Speaking of Gillian Chung revealing the first position for having the most followers on Weibo? Gigi expressed that she only knows that both of them have more than a million followers, but didn't pay attention to the exact numbers. Some people have offered her jobs through private messages, but one of the bad side is that there are many fans asking for her advice on love. She has become the "Mrs. Mut Mut's Mailbox."

Source: Oriental Daily

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